Cosmetics аnd detergents

ProductCategoryCAS Numbers
Citric acidCosmetics and detergents, Food industry77-92-9
Mono Propylene glycol Pharmacy, Cosmetics and detergents, Food industry, Industry chemicals57-55-6
Glycerine Pharmacy, Cosmetics and detergents, Food industry56-81-5
Cetyl alcoholCosmetics and detergents36653-82-4
Cetostearyl alcoholCosmetics and detergent67762-27-0
Sodium fluoride Cosmetics and detergents7681-49-4
Stearic acidCosmetics and detergents67701-03-5
Myristic acidCosmetics and detergents544-63-8
Paraffin (Liquid)Pharmacy, Cosmetics and detergents, Food industry8042-47-5
Polyethylene Glycol 400Cosmetics and detergents25322-68-3
Ceteareth 20Cosmetics and detergents68439-49-6
Ceteareth 25Cosmetics and detergents68439-49-6
Tetrapotassium pyrophosphateCosmetics and detergents, Food industry7320-34-5
Urea N46Cosmetics and detergents, Fertilizers57-13-6
Ethylhexyl stearateCosmetics and detergents91031-48-0
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride Cosmetics and detergents73398-61-5
Sodium monofluorophosphateCosmetics and detergents10163-15-2
VaselineCosmetics and detergents, Pharmacy, Food industry8009-03-8
Soap baseCosmetics and detergents68891-38-3
Denature ethyl alcohol Cosmetics and detergents, Industry chemicals64-17-5
Sodium tripolyphosphateFood industry, Cosmetics and detergents, Industry chemicals7758-29-4
Sodium chloride (Tablets)Pharmacy, Cosmetics and detergents, Food industry, Industry chemicals7647-14-5
AlkansulfonatCosmetics and detergents68188-18-1
Fenoxyethanol Cosmetics and detergents112-99-6
Cosmetics and detergents112-99-6/70445-33-9
Magnesium nitrate
Magnesium chloride
Cosmetics and detergents55965-84-9
Zinc StearateCosmetics and detergents91051-01-3
Glyceryl monostearate SECosmetics and detergents85251-77-0
Naterol 165V – PEG100 stearateCosmetics and detergents31566-31-1

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