Industry chemicals

ProductCategoryCAS Numbers
Sodium hydroxideIndustry chemicals1310-73-2
Mono Propylene glycol Industry chemicals, Pharmacy, Cosmetics and detergents, Food industry57-55-6
Methylene chlorideIndustry chemicals75-09-2
Denatonium benzoateIndustry chemicals3734-33-6
Tert-butyl alcoholIndustry chemicals75-65-0
Diethyl phthalateIndustry chemicals84-66-2
Methyl ethyl ketoneIndustry chemicals78-93-3
Denature ethyl alcohol Industry chemicals, Cosmetics and detergents64-17-5
Sodium tripolyphosphateIndustry chemicals, Cosmetics and detergents, Food industry7758-29-4
Sodium chloride (Tablets)Industry chemicals, Pharmacy, Cosmetics and detergents, Food industry7647-14-5
Potassium hydroxideIndustry chemicals1310-58-3

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