Food industry

ProductCategoryCAS Numbers
Sodium chlorideFood industry7647-14-5
Potassium nitrateFood industry7757-79-1
Citric acid Food industry, Cosmetics and detergents77-92-9
Dicalcium chlorideFood industry10043-52-4
Mono Propylene glycol Food industry, Pharmacy, Cosmetics and detergents, Industry chemicals57-55-6
Glycerine Food industry, Pharmacy, Cosmetics and detergents56-81-5
Paraffin (Liquid)Food industry, Pharmacy, Cosmetics and detergents8042-47-5
Tetrapotassium pyrophosphateFood industry, Cosmetics and detergents7320-34-5
VaselineFood industry, Pharmacy, Cosmetics and detergents8009 03 5
AspartameFood industry, Pharmacy22839-47-0
Sorbitol (Liquid)Food industry, Pharmacy68425-17-2
Sorbitol (Powder)Food industry, Pharmacy50-70-4
Sodium tripolyphosphateFood industry, Cosmetics, Industry chemicals7758-29-4
Sodium chloride (Tablets)Food industry, pharmacy, Cosmetics and detergents, Industry chemicals7647-14-5

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